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  1. Charging, Batteries, and Charging Networks
    During this cold weather my Mach-e Premium ER at 90% says 165 Miles. I was used to see 260 miles at 90% with hot weather so lately being concerned about mileage I'm charging it to 90% every day even if I consume only a few %. I live in the Seattle area. Like if I drive it for shopping and when...
  2. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    Hi all! I've noticed recently that my range estimates are lower than normal on the monitor. Normally at 90%, I'd be around 235-255 miles. Now I'm getting an estimate of 205-215 miles. Is that simply due to cooler temperatures in New England with fall coming? It also seems inaccurate...I left my...
  3. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    Have had the MachE for just over a month, It is a Select with 211 range. when delivered it had 178 miles range fully charged due to the many test drives. Max range has grown every charge, this morning being 265 miles fully charges. Two days ago it was 257 max. Once I unplugged today the app read...
  4. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    Ford recommends to only charge your battery to 80% not to charge up to 100% has anyone had the car more “long-term” and found the best percentage to safely charge to? Just picked up my Mach E premium AWD in Wednesday haven’t had to charge yet but curious as to the best approach overall
  5. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    This morning was my first commute into NYC from NJ with my Mach-E. I just drove into the City as I have every day for the past two decades. Same ol’city traffic, same speed zones, same moon-crater pavement. It was just like every other day before COVID. When I arrived at work, the ‘This Trip’...
  6. Charging, Batteries, and Charging Networks
    Ford and BMW are collaborating with Solid Power to produce a solid-state pouch-style cell. The idea is to eventually manufacture the batteries on existing factory infrastructure and have product dimensions that fit into current applications. Prototypes are being field tested. So if the MMe...
  7. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    Since everyone is in quarantine/self-isolation, most of us aren't driving as much as we used to. Ford released this post with Bob Taenaka, senior technical leader, Battery and Cell System Development, to show some tips on how to keep an electrified vehicle in top condition while self-isolating...
  8. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    If the Premium extended range and GT have the same battery, why wouldn't Ford be able to increase the peak performance of Premium model? I know its all speculative with a lot of unknowns, but it seems like there is room to improve. Maybe to improve range and torque.
  9. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    With the released data from the presentation I started to reverse-engineer the HV battery system of the Mustang Mach-E. I usually only write my blog in German but for the most active Mach-E community I translated my thoughts and results to English. If you are interested please check out: Ford...
1-9 of 9 Results