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  1. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    There are new Terms of Service for the Ford Early Access Program. Those enrolled should check their email for notification. Then read and accept the terms if still interested. You have 60 days from the email to decide, or you will be automatically withdrawn. One of the primary conditions is...
  2. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    Mine is a March 2021 purchased Premium. Like many, my OTA Synch updates stopped in January 2022. I called tech support; they said to take it to dealer and have them do the download and install. So, I brought the car in Tuesday morning of last week. As of Friday afternoon, 5 PM, they were still...
  3. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E News
    Is Ford doing MME OTA software updates in the UK, had my MME since November and still on version 1.6.x. I think I had one update around November. Anyone know what Ford plans for the UK market concerning OTA updates?
1-3 of 3 Results