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  1. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    Howdy. What dealership in Los Angeles has the most competent service department when it comes to the high tech arena of vehicle care? I've had my Mach-E in to the shop now four times to try to get BlueCruise working and they've botched it every time. My faith in my current dealership (while...
  2. Southeast USA
    Gwinnett Place Ford in Georgia converted my reservation to an order without my permission. I called and inquired with Ford, and was told to contact the dealer. I did, and was told it was the last day of the month and they converted all reservations to orders in order to get stock for their...
  3. 2021+ Ford Mustang Mach-E General Discussion Forum
    I just got back from the worst dealership experience I have ever had. And I have bought a lot of cars throughout my life. i went there because I was told by the representative they have a Mach e grabber blue to look at In person. Cant get in it or drive it because it was sold to the VP of...
1-3 of 3 Results