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A 100-kWh battery delivering 300-miles of range on a full charge is coming to the Mach E SUV.

That is if current estimates, based off the confirmed +300-miles of range and prioritized performance, are correct. 100-kWh is considered large for an electric SUV expected to be priced from around $40,000. It’s a size found in the $80,000 Tesla Model S Long Range.

Charging will involve a number of solutions. Ford is said to be preparing mobile charging stations (public and destination charging) and inductive charging among “many possibilities.” It isn’t clear what will be available when the Mach E SUV arrives around fall 2020 but a partnership with Electrify America is being formed right now. As it happens expect to see stations show up on the MyFord Mobile app.

Charge times could be as little as an hour going from low to 80% at DC fast charging stations, overnight when using the available 240v high-power charger and even longer when with the 120v standard home outlet charger. A production model reveal later this year could provide insight on charge times. For now, Ford provided a useful tool to see how far the Mach E's range can take you with locations of charging stations along the route you pick.

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