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A full list of Mach E Color Options won't be available till late-2020 when production models launch.

Ford stated early on that this electric SUV will receive "Mustang-Inspired" styling with no details on what it will share with the sports car. Among them, the easiest will be interior and exterior color options, especially in the years ahead as an all-electric Mustang sports car comes to market.

2019 Mustang Ford Mustang Colors
  • Dark Highland Green
  • Need For Green
  • Velocity Blue
  • Ford Performance Blue
  • Shadow Black
  • Magnetic Metallic
  • Kona Blue
  • Orange Fury
  • Race Red
  • Ruby Red Tint
  • Ingot Silver
  • Oxford White
  • Twister Orange
  • Grabber Lime
Some existing Ford Mustang colors could find its way into the Mach E SUV like the standard; Oxford White, Iconic Silver, and Shadow Black, or Premium options like; Rapid Red and Twister Orange on higher trim versions with vinyl stripe packages to complement them. In addition to those should be colors only meant for electric models which Ford hinted to in a tweet.

What color options would you like to see on the Mach E SUV?

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I'm a sucker for Dark Highland Green so that'd be my top choice. Ford should recreate the color in that Mustang logo as an option for the Mach E, I think it would look great as well.
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