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2021 Ford Mach E Trim Levels

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A full list of Mach E SUV trim levels and pricing is expected late 2019.

That of course depends on what Ford tells us in November at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show where the Mach E SUV will make its world debut.

At the moment no one knows what to expect. Its the very first all-electric vehicle from Ford which leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Confirmed as a “sport-utility vehicle that will be heavily influenced by the Mustang’s traditional design” could also mean a Mustang approach that goes beyond design.

Ford is looking to compete directly with the Tesla Model Y, with features to be confirmed like; AWD via a dual independent motor setup, 0-60 of 3.5 seconds (according to a Ford engineer), 300-miles of range on a single charge (confirmed), possibly a 100-kWh battery and more, all close to the Model Y.

These similarities, along with pricing, opens up the possibility of variations. In the Model Y that works out to be two Long Range trims, a standard rear-wheel drive trim from $43,700 with optional dual-motor all-wheel drive for +$4,000. A Performance trim will run you $13,000 more.

Expect to see Mach E SUV trims levels follow a similar break down.
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New information has come out about the trim levels, there's going to be 5 options to choose from: GT, California Route 1, Premium, Select, and First Edition.

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