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A Mach-E made an appearance at Motorsport Park Hasting in Nebraska for Mustang Roundup X. the video shows it doing a lap around the track.

Video caption:

2021 mach E4X on the Motorsports Park Hastings, Nebraska racetrack during the Mustang Roundup X on October 2, 2020. You can see the mach E at corner 11 and then 12 entering and completing corner 13 and accelerating down the front straightaway. SOUND OPTIONAL!

Ford Engineer Todd Soderquist, Chief Engineer for the mach E in China, brought a 2021 Mustang mach E4X to the Mustang Roundup X, held on October 1-4, 2020. Todd drove the car from Detroit experiencing driving and charging stations along the way to Hastings, NE. Todd stated, “It was a good experience for me to go through a long-distance trip in an electric vehicle and experience what a customer will. Part of that experience is figuring out where there are high-speed charging stations. If you pick a low-speed charging station you could be there for seven hours, versus a high-speed charger it could be 30 minutes.” The version mach E he was driving has a range of 230 miles from one battery charge to the next. This model car can go 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. The top GT model can do that in 3.5 seconds. Todd stated, “The entire team at Ford knows what Mustang means, and it’s important to them that we don’t damage the brand. So, the vehicle we’re making is significantly better than it would have been if we hadn’t called it Mustang. When you tell an engineer, their part is going on a Mustang they understand what the customer emotionally wants and what value performance they want out of the vehicle, and it changes the perspective on what they deliver. It’s been good. It’s been really good for customers.” Todd wants us Mustang owners to understand that the Mustang brand will be expanded to include the mach E and other cars similar as Porsche has many other vehicles like the Cayman and Porsche Cayenne SUV. (Some information taken from the October 2, 2020 Hastings Tribune article “Electrifying experience”
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