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I was hoping FMC deliver more improvements in 2023, or keep the price more reasonable. Look forward for the following improvements:

1. Better central console, more reliable and responsive. No black out screen, intermitted freeze etc.
2. Better cooling and heating, inverter heat pump?
3. Better access panels to 12V battery and diagnostic.
4. Portable Charging cable heats up to 54C, how about bigger cable? or allow charging at 16A, 24A. Now it is fixed at 30A (software fix?)
5. Add 120V plug similar to lightning
6. Improve efficiency at least to catch up with with T....
7. Closing the frunk hatch needs better user interface, not intuitive.

bluecruise, good enough for now
built quality, exterior and interior
2022, 2021 prices were reasonable, 2023 not so much
Frunk size is good
Color selection is good, paint quality is OK
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