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Would you buy another ELECTRIC VEHICLE?

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    Votes: 37 88.1%
  • No

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2022 Mustang Mach E Select RWD Standard Range
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Your rates are higher than my provider here in Tampa area. I calculated the additional cost in a spreadsheet before I had my level 48 amp level 2 EVSE installed.

When I received my 1st bill after a full month of charging the MME, it only went up by $30 vs the $45 I had calculated and budgeted for.

In my situation, I only charge once at the end of my week, usually Saturday afternoons when I’m done running all of my errands. I only commute to work 3 days a week and work from home the 2 remaining weekdays. We have EVSEs at my job that I plug my vehicle into whenever I’m there. That reduces how much I need to charge at my home.

My electric company also doesn’t have peak and off peak pricing. It’s one rate for anything up to 1,000kwh and another rate for anything above 1,000kwh. The blended rate is effectively .12 per kWh.

So for my situation I still come much better than I did when paying for gas for my prior vehicle. Everyone’s situation will obviously be different depending on where you live, how much you drive and your electric company. It’s not a one size fits all situation.

I’m also having solar panels installed in about a month or so and that’ll cut down on how much grid electricity I use. I even factored in how much I’ll need to charge at home when I had my solar system designed.
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