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According to Green Car Reports, 2019 was the first year Americans bought more EVs than manual-transmission cars.

It's not a complete shocker since manuals have been on the decline for a while but it's interesting to see the actual numbers laid out. Both EVs and manuals amounted to less than two percent of the market last year. Total EV sales for 2019 amounted to about 270,000 cars.

The two trendlines, it so happens, have been remarkably close to each other for the past few years—both with less than 2% of the market. But in 2019, according to Power Information Network (PIN) data requested by Green Car Reports, electric cars pulled ahead.

We’d hardly call it a resounding victory, however. Over the year as a whole, manual-transmission vehicles slid to just 1.1% of U.S. retail sales, while EVs made up 1.6% of sales. For all of 2018, manuals still held a thin lead (1.6% versus 1.5%), but the trendlines crossed in the third quarter of 2019, as total battery electric vehicle sales for 2019 landed around 270,000.
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