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Autocar speaks with Ford about the future of their electric vehicles

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At the end of August, Autocar wrote this in-depth article about the future of Ford and their step into electric vehicles. They spent two days at Ford's headquarters in Dearborn Michigan, for electric vehicles they spoke with Darren Palmer, Ford's Global Product Development Director.

Here are some of the key points from the article, if you have some free time I highly recommend you give it a read.

  • Ford plans on spending $11 billion on EVs beginning next year.
  • Under the deal recently agreed with Volkswagen, Fords built on the MEB platform will kick in from 2023.
  • The flow of EVs will start next year with the Mach E
  • A battery Ford F150 will come before 2022, says Palmer, and a fully electric Transit.
  • Palmer wouldn't confirm or deny if there would be an electric Ranger or Bronco.
  • The decline of sedans forced Ford to change their approach to EVs. “We decided very carefully where we’d play in the electric car market, and that every one would amplify the characteristics of the model it was based on. Each one had to be extremely desirable, but at an attainable price,” says Palmer.
  • For range, Palmer said, "A car’s range in miles begins with a 1, 2 or 3. Our research shows that when it’s a 3 anxiety drops away fast. A 300-plus capability is something we’re aiming at."
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They're definitely right about the range, a range of 300 miles+ is way more appealing than something in the 200s.

Also, Ford has made some strong partnerships when it comes to EVs and it's starting to show. They're investment in Rivian is definitely going to help them with the electric F-150 and Transit. While their partnership with VW should help with electric SUVs and crossovers.
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