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I follow Bjorn. He makes great YouTube videos both on his regular and live channel. He provides unbiased and technically accurate reviews and tests of all EV's. Norway is the perfect location to test. They have a very good charging network for both Tesla and other Ev's. Likely the model for what will happen in North America in the next few years.

Check out his latest live stream of his 1000km challenge drive in the MME. He likes the car and has positives and areas he would like to see improved. Ford should use his feedback to make some software updates. Hopefully before my MME FE arrives.

Check out his regular YouTube channel as well. He posted as few more MME tests that cover charging, driving performance, sound noise testing etc. He maintains a spreadsheet of all the EVs he tests for range, efficiency, charging speed and other factors

He has a funny sense of humour as well.
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