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Ted Cannis, Ford’s global electric vehicle chief, spoke with the New York Times about the Mach E and why Ford making their push for EVs now.

Cannis says the reason that Ford is investing so much into EVs right now when they account for so little of the business is that the growth is coming and the right time to invest is now. He mentions that the cost of entire powertrains, and not just the batteries, isn’t cheap now, but it’s not prohibitive, either.

According to Cannis, 300 miles is going to be a magic number. Most won’t need that much range, but he says that it will give people the ability to go on trips if they want. When asked if he sees the cost of an EV being on par with the cost of a car with an ICE, he says that day is coming. He also notes that Ford will play to its strengths meaning commercial vans, pickups and performance cars.

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