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Substantial upgrades were made to the Ford GT recently, with more power, a Gulf Livery, Carbon Fiber Shell and more!


2020 Ford GT Gulf Racing Heritage Livery
  • The Ford GT is improved for 2020 with increased horsepower and upgraded engine cooling
  • Titanium exhaust from Akrapovič is now standard for Ford GT; system brings performance exhaust expert’s signature craftsmanship with deeply resonant, unmistakable sound
  • Restyled Gulf Racing heritage livery pays homage to Ford’s 1969 Le Mans win; plus, supercar’s carbon fiber wheels are now available for the first time with heritage livery
DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 06, 2020 – Today, Ford Performance announces upgrades to the Ford GT supercar for 2020, including increased engine power to 660 horsepower and improved cooling.
Much of the 2020 Ford GT’s advancements are a result of Ford’s continuous technological innovation, especially GT’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost® twin-turbo V6.
“Ford GT continues to be the pinnacle of Ford performance,” said Ed Krenz, Ford Performance chief program engineer. “GT is always the ultimate expression of Ford racing innovation, and as we know from the 1966 Le Mans through today, that means constantly raising our game for our customers as well as earning the checkered flag.”

Continuous EcoBoost Innovation
Beyond 13 additional horsepower compared to 2017-19 GT supercars, the 2020 GT’s EcoBoost engine features a broader torque band and revised engine calibration plus mechanical upgrades that include gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils, thanks to lessons learned from the limited-edition, track-only GT Mk II.
Additional engine cooling and airflow updates includes new buttress air ducts designed to increase air flow by 50 per cent while larger intercoolers keep charge air temperatures cooler, preserving peak power for the most strenuous, high-temperature sessions at the track. Suspension damping is increased in track mode to further enhance handling and body control, particularly for those high-speed transient sections of closed-course circuits.

New Standard Akrapovič titanium exhaust
Ford Performance is also introducing the premium Akrapovič titanium exhaust as standard equipment for GT. Boasting the signature craftsmanship of these renowned race experts, this exhaust provides a nine-pound weight savings over the previous system while featuring that deeply resonant, unmistakable sound emanating from the more powerful EcoBoost engine.

Updated Gulf Racing Heritage Livery
Ford Performance is also updating GT’s iconic heritage livery with a new design that includes a black pinstripe to divide the distinct blue and orange colours, recalling the 1968-69 Le Mans-winning GT40. The optional carbon fiber number switches from 9 on the 2019 model to 6 for 2020, matching that of the historic back-to-back winning car, chassis No. 1075. For the first time on a heritage model, carbon fiber wheels are available in lieu of aluminum alloy.
“Our team is very focused on delivering a car that exceeds customer expectations,” said Mike Severson, Ford GT program manager. “The black pinstripe and carbon fiber wheels have been highly requested with the Gulf livery, so we committed to making that happen.”
Deliveries of the upgraded 2020 Ford GT are ongoing, with production wrapping up in 2022.



2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition

The Ford GT thrills with its wild looks, race car design, and twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6. For 2020, it's even more thrilling thanks to more power, a new Liquid Carbon limited-edition variant, and tweaks to its already track-ready handling. The 2020 Ford GT supercar made its official debut Thursday at the Chicago Auto Show.

Engine upgrades boost its horsepower from 647 to 660 this year and give the V-6 a broader torque curve. The engine calibration is changed, and the engine now uses gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils. Ford says these tweaks came from knowledge gleaned form the limited-edition, track-only GT Mk II.

In addition to extra power, the engine is better cooled in 2020 with new buttress air ducts that bring in 50 percent more air and larger intercoolers that reduce charge air temperatures. And increased damping in Track mode should improve handling with better body control, especially in quick changes of direction.

One of the GT's biggest issues could also be improved this year thanks to a new, standard Akrapovič titanium exhaust system. The V-6 isn't as sonorous as the V-8s, V-10s, and V-12s of rivals. The Akrapovič exhaust shaves 9 pounds off the car and is sure to create a meaner sound.

For 2020, Ford is also adding a new limited-edition appearance option and tweaking the look of another.

The new Liquid Carbon edition shows off the carbon-fiber body by foregoing paint and using only a clearcoat. All of the carbon-fiber is taken from the same batch so its weave matches panel to panel. This increases the time required to hand-build the car.

The Liquid Carbon GT comes with the available carbon-fiber wheels, and owners can opt for titanium lug nuts, six-point racing harness anchors, five interior color options, and one of five caliper colors.

Liquid Carbon buyers can add either the dual center over-the-top stripes from the standard GT or the single over-the-top stripe from the Carbon Series variant. Buyers can also choose painted mirror caps from the seven standard paint colors or the expanded color palette. This is the first time the stripes and painted mirror caps can be ordered independently.

Ford spokesman Matt Leaver told Motor Authority the Liquid Carbon GT is a limited-edition and about 12 will be built a year.

Finally, Ford is fixing the look of its Gulf Racing Heritage Livery. A black pinstripe is added between the iconic blue and orange colors and its optional carbon-fiber number is now 6 instead of 9. The same car, chassis No. 1075, won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in both 1968 and 1969. It wore the No. 9 the first year and the No. 6 the next year. The Gulf livery car can also now be ordered with the carbon-fiber wheels.

The 2020 Ford GT is currently in production, and the supercar will end its run in 2022. A Ford representative said the 2020 GT starts at more than $500,000 and the Liquid Carbon edition will cost $750,000. Ford didn't say how much the Gulf livery edition would cost.
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