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Shock Tesla owners when they realize Ford can build a better quality EV, yes. A Model S turned crematorium just recently.

Not a way to go out...
That's been such a horrible story to read about, apparently the Model S' door handles were a big reason for the driver not being able to escape the fire. Ford shouldn't have a problem beating Tesla with Quality Control.

It’s unclear whether or not the airbags inflated in Awan’s crash, but the reports from the scene indicate that even if they did, the car’s door handles did not pop out. That would mean first responders would have to reach into the burning car to open the door with the interior handle, if access through a window was available depending on the state of the vehicle after the crash.

Since the complaint attributes Awan’s death to smoke inhalation, claiming he suffered “no internal injuries or broken bones,” the complaint suggests he may have survived had first responders or bystanders had access to the car’s door handles and were able to remove him.

As Bloomberg also points out, a 2018 Wired story quoted a former Tesla exec on Elon Musk’s insistence to include the troublesome door handles, despite executive pushback. From Wired:
Many Tesla executives have stories about how Musk reset their concept of the possible, but the classic tale is about retractable door handles.

In the mid-2000s, the company was designing the luxury Model S when Musk insisted the car needed handles that would lie flush against its body. They would glide out, as if by magic, just as the owner reached the vehicle, by responding to a signal from an electronic key.

“It was unanimous among the executive staff that the complex door handle idea was crazy,” said a former executive. It required incredibly complicated engineering, and it solved a problem that no one else thought was actually a problem. But no matter how forcefully executives objected, Musk wouldn’t yield.
Even once the car was released, the handles sometimes proved troublesome. When Consumer Reports wanted to review a Model S in 2015, it had to postpone the analysis because “the fancy retractable door handles refused to let us in.”
Along with Consumer Reports’ issues, many owners have also complained that the trick handles, at least on earlier models that feature them, freeze shut in cold weather, with others reporting that their car’s handles have just randomly stopped working, even after multiple service appointments to remedy the issue.
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