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According to Ford Authority, Mach E reservations will open when it's revealed on November 17.

Those interested in the upcoming Ford Mustang-inspired EV will be able to soon reserve the vehicle.

According to Ford Authority sources familiar with Ford’s plans, The Blue Oval will open reservation books for the vehicle on November 17th – the same day that the EV will be unveiled. The process represents a very different kind of go-to-market approach and process than Ford has taken in years past.

During past launches, customers had to wait for a dealer to begin accepting orders, and place an order with a qualified dealer. By comparison, it seems that the reservation-style process for the Mustang-inspired EV will be handled by The Blue Oval itself, and then processed by dealers.

The entire organization is very much akin to Tesla’s go-to-market strategy, where the automaker begins accepting orders for new models. It’s currently unclear whether customers will be asked to make a financial deposit with their reservation.

Here’s a brief account of what we know about the upcoming Ford Mustang-inspired EV thus far:
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