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With announcement that the Mach E will be revealed on November 17th, Ford has already started to tease its electric SUV on Instagram.

Along with this video, Cool Hunting noticed that Ford also started a teaser campaign that involved 10 Instagrammers.

Ford has trickled out a grand teaser, one that essentially reveals the SUV’s three most significant lines. Some 10 Instagrammers, each with a similar portrait, is a piece to a larger puzzle and is easily discovered by using the hashtag #ElectricAndUntamed.

Through neon-embellished images, each portrait contributes to the car’s silhouette—which appear as artistic streaks from photo to photo but cleverly share the SUV’s key lines when you assemble the 10 images. The campaign was created by BBDO‘s Detroit office, and photography is by Andrew White and the light graffiti by Peter Medlicott (aka SOLO).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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