With Ford separating its EV division and its ICE division we could see something similar happen with dealerships where some specialize in EVs and some don't.

Because OEMs are legally bound to reach customers through their dealer networks, the mothership revamp means Ford needs its dealers to embrace the changes. Execs are talking to dealers now about what the automaker is looking for, it will be up to dealers to opt in. First, Farley said, "Get ready to specialize." Realizing that certain dealers might do better with ICE vehicles and commercial offerings as opposed to EVs, Ford wants dealers to choose among Blue, Model E, and Pro. Those that don't opt in to Model E, which will mean committing to new operating standards like not carrying EV inventory, and potential facility changes, will be able to sell the brand's EVs until the end of 2023; from January 24, those dealers will only have access to ICE allotments. Said another Ford exec, "We want our dealers to add true value and really be knowledge centers for the customer," the plan now to find the best structure for that. Which, frankly, is another way of saying what dealers were meant to be all along.