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If you're on a wait list for the Mach-E expect to be waiting into 2021 for your SUV because of the high demand.

From Electrek:

The first models will arrive between fall 2020 and the end of the year. And the first year’s global output of 50,000 units will be sold throughout 2021.

Mase similarly told us that finding the right global distribution, to meet demand in countries like Norway (and CO2 regulations in Europe) was “part of the calculus.” He said that consumers in Europe and the US were both showing keen interest in all-wheel-drive and long-range versions of the Mach-E.

Given the keen interest and limited availability, consumers should not expect deals or discounts. Mase told the Mach-E Club, “While the original deposit is with Ford, once an order has been filled out, it’s with a dealer. So it will be up to the dealer to decide.”

Reservations ensure your place in line. As production approaches, Ford will contact reservation-holders about desired specifications.

When we asked Ford about the potential for expanding production volume beyond 50,000 units, a company spokesperson said the company had “earmarked” that volume based on the availability of batteries.

Electrek’s Take
We’re in a waiting game for the Mach-E. The first units will arrive late this year. And the remaining units will slowly reach dealerships throughout 2021. So there’s a lot of time for Ford to get ready.

However, it’s a tricky balancing act to produce only enough units to make the Mach-E a hot item while not slowing down the transition to EVs. Ford will barely make an appearance in the EV market in 2020.

So if Mach-E units only trickle out in 2021, it will add to the perception that Ford is late to the EV game. We believe it’s better to hit the accelerator.
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