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Ford might be making a track edition of the Mustang Mach-E that will be more performance focused than the GT Version.

When talking about the GT, Mach-E chief engineer Ron Heiser told Motor Authority. "We engineered this vehicle on the track, but we didn't necessarily engineer it for the track."

According to Motor Authority, Heiser would not rule out a track-focused Mach-E and that it would have to be a new variant. Not one that was on display at the LA Auto Show.

In fact, that hotted-up variant may wind up wearing a Shelby badge. According to evo, Ford Performance is already crunching the numbers on a potential Mach-E Cobra. Ford's Ed Krenz told the British publication the company looked forward to translating the Shelby name to an electric car, and would focus on sustainability and driving feel as it worked on future performance variants.

This makes it likely that a track-oriented Mach-E is not an "if," but a "when." Unfortunately, we don't yet know just how long we'll have to wait.
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