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Electrek reported that "In about “three to four weeks,” Ford will finalize the date in summer 2020 when reservations will be converted to orders." and that "Dealers are also preparing to make contactless deliveries of the Mach-E for those who elect to skip a test drive and take ownership immediately."

For the test drives. "About 2,100 of Ford’s 3,000 dealerships will receive at least one long-term dedicated test-drive Mustang Mach-E vehicle. These test models will arrive roughly at the same time that the first Mach-E models are delivered to customers in late 2020. And nearly at the same time, service and collision parts will be stocked for dealers."

Service will include "an EV expert at all of its dealerships, which will be essential for helping Mustang Mach-E customers less familiar with questions about such issues as range and charging," and its part of a broader plan where Ford isn't “just trying to chase the early adopters,” because “Not everybody is going to be the person that only wants to watch YouTube videos [before buying an electric car].”

To those wondering about Mach-E order cancellations, "Ford experienced an increase in cancellations for the Mustang Mach-E for about two weeks" in early March when panic around the pandemic was mounting like crazy. Fortunately it was just a "blip" as they reported and things have rebounded ever since.

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