Ford CFO John Lawler, revealed that the price of the Mach-E has increased by $25,000 per car due to the rising cost of batteries.

Speaking at a conference hosted by Deutsche Bank, Ford’s CFO John Lawler stated how inflation has affected the company, namely the Mustang Mach-E. He added that even though the company raised the price of the Mach-E with the rest of its lineup to offset inflation, the double squeeze of rising battery materials costs and inflation gobbled up the Mach-E’s profits. While Lawler didn’t state how much the company could be potentially losing at this time on every Mach-E it sells, he stated that costs for the EV gone up to the tune of $25,000.

In a sign that the gravy train could stop running at any time, Lawler stated that the Ford is taking steps to prepare for an economic downturn. The main sign of things to come? Late car payments. Lawler said Ford Credit, Ford’s vehicle financing arm, has started to see more and more late payments. I guess those 84-month loans Ford defaulted to on some models weren’t a good idea after all. And while Lawler reassured that the company is in a better position for an economic downturn than before, if the economy does tank a bit, automakers and consumers are going to get hit hard.