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For anyone that's interested in what plans Ford has for the future, here's a breakdown of what we can expect over the next few years.
  • Ford's Dearborn truck plant is expected to be the launch plant for an all-new F-150, with production possibly starting in 2020.
    • The lineup will include a hybrid version in 2020 followed by the first all-electric F-150 in 2021.
    • Batteries for the electric pickup will also be built at the Dearborn plant along with a new version of the Ford F-150 Raptor.
  • Ford is investing $700 million into the Dearborn plant. Ford will also spend $250 million to build a new version of the Mustang at the Flat Rock plant, including new derivatives such as the Bullitt and Shelby Cobra.
    • One of those could be the new Ford Mustang Mach 1, which is rumored to launch in 2021 to replace the Ford Mustang Bullitt.
  • As part of a $400 million investment, Ford's highest output assembly plant in Kanas City will build an electric version of the Transit van as well as the next-generation F-150.
    • Hybrid and electric versions of the popular pickup won't be manufactured here.
  • Ford's Kentucky Truck plant will build new versions of the F-series Super Duty pickups as well as hybrid versions of the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition as part of a $1 billion investment.
  • Ford's largest plant investment, is for its Michigan Assembly plant at $1.1 billion. This is where the production of the new Ford Bronco will begin in early 2020.
  • Ford is investing $900 million to build new versions of the F-series chassis cab trucks and a mystery new model in 2023 at the Ohio Assembly plant. To prepare for Ford's electric onslaught, new parts will be produced at Ford's component plants including a new transmission for EV models in Livonia, electric motors and transaxles in Van Dyke, and batteries for hybrid models in Rawsonville.
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