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Front Camera Fault-Service Required/Pre-Collision Assist not Available (Five times in shop!)

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Has anyone else had this issue? It also means that adaptive lane control and blue cruise suddenly stop working.

Mine has now been in the shop FIVE times to fix it. They've replaced the front camera, the driver camera (that sees if your eyes are on the road) and made various software upgrades. Sometimes, due to Ford Corp's service being down, they've had to keep it two days.

I love my car, but this is getting ridiculous. Has anyone else had this problem and actually gotten it fixed?

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Hello All. Sadly, I am and have been having this same issue since I got my Mach E in June 2021. Ironically, it has been at the shop (2 different dealerships) for more cumulative hours than I have driven it. At first I thought it was related to bumps in the road, as it seemed to kick off my cruise when I would hit a bump, especially a bridge seam. However, I then noticed it would kick off on smooth surfaces too. The dealer thought that since the windshield wasn't installed with the proper amount of adhesive, that maybe the windshield was loose and vibrating the camera out of alignment. Nope, wasn't the problem. I have no idea what has or has not been replaced, as my invoices just state "electrical issues" or something else generic. And my service advisor, well, he's not the mechanic that worked on it, so he has no clue. It has now gotten to the point that every time I turn it on now, that's the first thing that comes up; "Front camera fault Service required" followed by"pre-collision Assist not available". I really would have thought that in nearly 2 years, some engineer at Ford would have found a fix. Is that really the case? Has nobody on this forum had a successful repair of this issue?
My MME is in the shop as I type this for exactly 2 weeks now. I literally had the same exact experience as you mentioned above, word for word. Whats funny is how my ford pass keeps getting the "collision" warnings so i know they still cant figure this out. this sucks.
Do you know what they are planning to do? Please keep us all posted as to HOW they fix it and we can tell our dealerships to try that fix.
As of now I agreed to wait to end of day 3/3 for a call back from the dealership. Service manager said they have been on the phone with Ford corporate to ensure that every piece of equiptment in the dealership is up to date with all its software. Once all the dealership systems are up to date they will try and update every moduale in the car again. If that doesnt work, they will have to bring in which ever wizard from ford corporate they need to fix it. Going on over 2 weeks now. I will also be contacting ford customer support and screaming my head off. My biggest fear is that the dealership told me they are already in for over $6k in charges (which are covered by warranty). What happens if this happens again later down the road? I have to worry about $6k in charges every time I bring this car in?
My car ia apparently fixed after 3 weeks. Ive figured it all out, its a big racketeering scam by the dealerships, let me explain...I brought my car in on Feb 16th for countless pre collision faults like everyone else on this thread.The dealership went through every step, car updates, parts, mod replacements etc.Just couldnt get it fixed. Told me there were $6k in charges already so thank God for warranty. FINALLY, they decided to call the Ford corporate hotline and got a rep/tech on the phone. The Ford rep/tech connected to the dealerships system, updated the dealerships software then updated my car. It took less than a day! Usually any update took forever to complete, now just a few hours. Even the shop service manager had no idea what the Ford rep/tech did. He called it "magicsoftware". It wasnt a harness issue that many have climed to be the problem, yea, they checked that too. So you mean to tell me the dealership didnt know to call the Ford "hotline" in the first go? The dealership racked up thousands in chargers they are going to claim against the warranty. Anyway, in my case it was all software related. If anyone is have this issue make sure your dealership calls the Ford hotline to get the software updated.
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