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Front Camera Fault-Service Required/Pre-Collision Assist not Available (Five times in shop!)

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Has anyone else had this issue? It also means that adaptive lane control and blue cruise suddenly stop working.

Mine has now been in the shop FIVE times to fix it. They've replaced the front camera, the driver camera (that sees if your eyes are on the road) and made various software upgrades. Sometimes, due to Ford Corp's service being down, they've had to keep it two days.

I love my car, but this is getting ridiculous. Has anyone else had this problem and actually gotten it fixed?

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Seems that the ability of Ford dealer technicians and/or FoMoCo to diagnois the fix of many EV problems is lacking. I sure hope this improves soon or it will have a negative impact on future EV sales.
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Holy shxx. I wonder how long before Ford puts the screws to less than competent dealerships racking up huge warranty costs. I'm not a software person at all, but even I know that step #1 is to make sure that you have the latest software version.
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