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Frunk Button Access

3789 Views 48 Replies 17 Participants Last post by  ZRO GAS it safe to say that Job 1 MMEs won't get access to a frunk button in the Fordpass app?
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That link does not work. Can you paste the instructions on how to set the Frunk button on the screen. I would so much appreciate it
I was afraid of that. Here goes

You need a Windows laptop (I used Windows 10, Windows 11 should work as well)
An OBD-II adapter (USB or Bluetooth). I used an OBDLink MX+; others might work but check on to see recommendations.

Forscan What's new
What's new (

For configuration, an Extended license is required. There is a 2 month free trial but you have to get the identifier from the software, click on a link and request the license key. It took about an hour to get the key code back by email.

Using FORscan to do updates
Once the key has been activated, connect to the bluetooth dongle. This was flaky for me and took a few attempts to get it recognized.

This is for a Bluetooth dongle. You might not need to configure much if you are using a USB wired one.
Plug in the OBDLink MX+ with the car on (accessory is fine)
Blue light on the dongle should flash
Use the bluetooth control panel in Windows (typically in the tray, otherwise Settings) to add a device
Select the first option (mice and others)
Should now see OBDlink (or whatever model you have), select it and pair

Start FORscan
Go to the configuration page - first folder, Config tab
If the OBDlink or other module was seen by Windows, it should be in the drop down for Bluetooth. I didn’t have luck with automatic mode. There is a USB drop down as well, IIRC.
Click on the connect symbol at the bottom of the page, cross fingers

If this is working, it should connect quickly and start downloading information from the car.
The first time, this will take about a minute to enumerate all the modules - there are a ton. You might think it's not doing anything but let it finish.

You can then save this configuration. Future connections will be quicker.

Assuming you got this far, now go to the Configuration and Programming tab.

Look for the module you want to update, either APIM (for Frunk) or IPC (e.g., freeze warning)

Don’t pick the items with “AS BUILT” in the name

Click on the Run (blue arrow) button for the module
A list of all options will be populated. There are hundreds for each of these modules.
Find the item of interest, e.g., Frunk Software Button
Double-click that to open up your choices. For this one, select Enable and approve the change.
Make other changes you want to this module at the same time
Select Write to actually update the hardware or it won't take effect. The APIM (or IPC) will restart.

For APIM, it said to shut off the car and restart. I still didn’t get the Frunk button but it appeared eventually - you need to reset the APIM a second time, not turn off the car which won't reset it - use Down+Out (on the steering column, hold them both until the APIM resets.) Repeat if necessary. The Frunk button should be on the first page of the Controls in the new UI, or wherever the trunk button shows up.

For IPC, it also said to restart but that wasn’t necessary. The screen flashed and started up. I enabled the frost warning.
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After I set up phone-as-a-key I got a frunk button in FordPass. I have no idea what generation mine is, other than it's a 2021 RWD Premium.
Where is that frunk button in Ford App??
Where is that frunk button in Ford App??

This is my main screen of the Ford Pass app. The yellow highlight is the frunk button.
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I think you have to have PaaaaaK active.
I don't
It’s active. I wonder if the first ones built have this feature
Thanks. My recent Ford App update 4.2.7 today only has the one horn/lights button—bummer—even tho I can open frunk via door code and center console. Mebbe i’ll see what happens if i install paak.
No one has it without PaaK.
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No one has it without PaaK.
It is not available in the FordPass app for any 2021 Job 1 cars. Frunk can be enabled otherwise for those cars with the appropriate NOT OTA update to BCM module (if you can get a dealer to update that) and likely GFM & GWM which do get updated OTA, and the control on the console can be enabled via FDRS or FORscan.
That link does not work. Can you paste the instructions on how to set the Frunk button on the screen. I would so much appreciate it
My dealer updated mine to enable it on the screen.
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