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Job 2's always had the frunk button, etc. '22's only, now have the new AC cycle off button, etc. Why is it so hard for Ford to just let everyone have the same updates?
Two thoughts come to mind: 1. Anything that depends on one's phone (like Ford pass, PAAK, Frunk button) is a disaster because everyone has a different phone manufacturer, OS, version, age, their phone skills, even Apple Inc has difficulty keeping all the phones working the same AND they are all the same manufacturer and OS and they are computer experts, Ha! 2. A silver lining of the terrible HVBJB disaster is it will force Ford to send far more $ now to buy more servers, hire more staff and more quickly improve the infrastructure that pushes out the OTAs since that saves them tons of money compared to paying dealerships to do it one car at a time. Right now it appears the OTA system in the cars works OK and the server-side may be the rate limit. If that is true, if the client side, the car, is generally working fine, that is perhaps better than if the problem was the receiving of OTAs was not working.
21 - 30 of 30 Posts