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The Mach-E gets 40.5 inches of headroom the with glass roof, enough to comfortably seat six-foot-tall adult.

Its said to offer best-in-class headroom, enough that nearly all of the very first people to sit inside the Mach-E (journalists) have no complaints! As someone that's six-foot-three inches tall this comes as great news and i'm sure it will for many. Even one of Ford's six-foot-five engineers were comfortable sitting in the back of a glass roof model...

From a Motor1 journalist: "Our time in the backseat is limited, but even in those brief moments, we find there's plenty of room for your lanky, six-foot-tall author. Even one of Ford’s six-foot six-inch tall engineers fits comfortably in the second row with headroom to spare. The available 39.3 inches of headroom with the fixed glass roof option (that number drops to 38.3 with the standard roof) feels like enough; your head won't scrape the roof. And the 38.1 inches of rear legroom leave enough space to stretch out a bit."

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