Good morning, and happy Mustang Mach-E embargo day!

My name is Chad Kirchner, and I've been asked by the admins here to come and talk to you about my experience driving the Mach-E. I'm a freelance auto writer / journalist / opinion-haver and have spent the last 6-7 years doing it full time. You might have seen more work some places, you might not have. I've had stories on AutoGuide, The Truth About Cars, The Drive, and in print with Truck Trend Overland Journal and many others.

I was in Hawthorne last year for the reveal of the Mach-E, and was fortunate enough to ride in a pre-production prototype. I recently spent a day in the Detroit area driving the Mach-E (most of the time was in an all-wheel drive Premium Extended Range version, but I did 'autocross' a rear-wheel drive Select), and had a chance to talk with designers, engineers, and product planners about the car, the charging experience, FordPass network, Active Drive Assist and other topics.

Here is my coverage of the Mach-E for The Truth About Cars: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive: Tesla Model Y Challenger
I also run an EV site called EV Pulse, and here's the coverage there: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E first drive review: Future of high performance Fords is electric

Finally, my business partner has a Tesla Model 3 SR+ as a company vehicle that I have probably put 13,000 miles on myself, and have experience with that car, its systems, and charging. So when I make Tesla comparisons I'm often referring to that.

So, this is an AMA. That means I need you. What do you want to know?