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2022 Mach-E Premium AWD ER
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An Eighty Percent charge on my 2022 Premium RWD with extended range battery was always 242. Yesterday it dropped to 221. I live in San José, California and last night the low temperature was in the high 30’s. Ford advised me that the loss of range was probably due to the climate. Has anyone experienced this issue?
Anyone? Yes, everyone. EVs lose range in cold weather. The Guess-O-Meter tries to predict range using your driving history and current weather conditions. The ACTUAL range you get will depend on the temps when you drive, terrain, driving style, etc. You had a 9% drop. That's nothing.

In the summer, I get around 250 at 100% (take your 242 and divide by 0.8 to get the 100% number, yours is 303 because you have RWD and I have AWD, and I drive different than you). I'm now at around 180 with temps in the high 20s. That's a 28% drop.

When you drive, note the miles per kilowatt you're getting. I get around 3.0 in warm weather in combined highway and city. In the dead of winter I will get around 2.3.
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