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Mach-E Day at the Drag Strip
My bookends and I (oldest daughter & youngest son) spent an enjoyable Sunday at Rock Falls raceway outside Eau Claire, WI. My daughter ran our 2021 Select AWD SR Mach-E, her first time racing she had only driven the car (her mom’s) two or three other times. My son ran his ’64 C10 L78 Big Block Chevy pickup and I ran my 1930 Model A Ford powered by a 427 Big Block Corvette engine.
The Mach-E was very consistent running an ET of 14.3 seconds at 93.5 MPH over 7 runs. 60 foot times a disappointing 2.2 seconds. Battery State of Charge about 70%. Temperature low 70s. She ran in 1 pedal drive, Traction Control disabled, Unbridled, HVAC off. The start was left foot on the brake and stab the accelerator at the last yellow. She said she just lifted off the accelerator but still had to use the brakes to make the second turn off. The surprising part to me was the efficiency.

She set Trip 1 at the start of the runs and at the end the stats were:
10.5 mi 01:17:48 hours of run time 3.5 mi/kwh. After 7 ¼ mile runs.
Energy usage: 2% climate, 91% route, 3% Accessories, 3% Ext Temp.
Low scores on her driving: Acceleration 5%, Deceleration 10%, speed 9%
Mach-E weighs 4540 lbs verified by CAT scale, 4700 lbs with driver.
¼ mile et 14.3 sec 93.5 MPH 2.2 seconds 60 foot time
266 HP 428 ft lbs torque Ford specs
9.05:1 front drive ratio = 10728 RPM at 93.5 MPH
10.0 :1 rear drive ratio = 11855 RPM at 93.5 MPH
P225-60R18 Michelin Tires on 18” Carbonized Grey Aluminum wheels

If you’re reading this post and trying to decide on Standard Range vs. Extended Range battery here is something to ponder. I didn’t find out until after my order was in production that the SR cars are built with smaller wire sizes. That’s why the lower HP rating (266) vs. ER (346 HP) with the same 428 lb ft tq. We’ve had the SR for 6 months and it’s fully adequate for our needs but I’m a firm believer in larger wiring to keep wires and connectors cooler. Heat is the enemy but is it worth the $5K it would have cost to upgrade? Time will tell.

Another issue I noticed, she went to Electrify America to top off the battery before racing, only the second time we used DC fast charge. It added 32% 92 miles in 30 minutes. The issue was when I tried to charge at home it wouldn’t work. I didn’t write down the charge message something about restarting the DC fast charge. The first time this happened it took a couple hours to troubleshoot. The issue was the Ford Mobile charger, which is all I use and very adequate, it had an amber fault light illuminated. To clear this fault unplug the mobile charger, I drop the breaker that’s easier, that clears the fault and illuminates the blue light and all was good. Happening once I blew it off, but twice seems to be an issue. Easy for me now that I know but very frustrating the first time it happened. My mobile charger is plugged in behind my tool box so difficult to see. You should get used to glancing at the lights so you recognize blue is normal. Diagnosis of charger lights stats on pg 155 of the owner’s manual.

’64 C10 long bed stepside 4700 lbs same as Mach-E
L78 375 HP 396 punched to 408 CID dyno’d 409 Ft Lb Torque At 3320 RPM , 405 HP
¼ mile 14.0 @ 95.4MPH @ 5033 RPM 2.0 sec 60 ft time

’30 Ford 5 Window Coupe 3200 lbs 427 CID L36 67 corvette engine
390 HP @ 5200 RPM 460 lb ft @ 3600 RPM Chevy specs
¼ mile 12.5 sec @ 107 MPH @ 6156 RPM 1.8 60’ time

YouTube Video

Mach-E is car # 962

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