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We had the same discussion when Porsche started to build SUV, now Porsche builds more SUV than all other formats. With the money the make from SUVs they can investigate to make for example a better 911. Today nobody says porsche sucks because the not only to sport cars anymore.

I'm sure the Mustang brand will benefit from this.

I love it, I always loved the Mustang, but when I was young I could not afford one and now a pony style mustang has the wrong form factor for me. +1
I was one of those who bemoaned Porsche's decision to make SUV's - but it was clearly the right decision. When the Mach E was first revealed I didn't like it either, but I quickly realized why they had to make it a crossover. Ford has to adapt the mustang brand or risk it becoming an irrelevant relic of the past (as evidenced by the published sales figures). With time it will gain acceptance in the muscle car realm, with the exception of the diehard minority. In the meantime they will capture a significant chunk of the market, although the price will have to come down in order for millennials to be able to afford one. Making it a crossover is a good start, but a lower price will help ensure the next generation become devoted to the brand.
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