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Misson Texas

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New owner with whar is reported as second MME in th RGV Valley from Boggus Ford.
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Second day problem, the rear wiper blade came off when we backed up with the auto rear wiper option. I could not figure how to get the blade clip off so a second item for the dealer
Welcome @Brussam. Did you scheduled a time with your dealer to get it looked at?
Not yet, very busy
I guess one of the joys of having one of the first MME in the RGV is that the dealer had to order a new wiper blade.
Got one on order here in Central Texas (San Antonio). So far here is where I am in the process:

Ordered: 3/15/2021​
Confirmed: 3/15/2021​
Build Confirmation: 4/22/2021, updated 4/23/2021​
Obtained VIN (Ford): 5/3/2021​
Scheduled Build Week: 6/14/2021​

Don't have any guess on when delivery will be. Anyone know where it will be shipped to once built in Mexico?

Of course my dealer is clueless (in San Antonio). Experience to date with them has been an exercise in bad info.

Trying to find a charger at 45+ amps below $700. Had JuiceBox 48 or order but they now know not when deliveries will happen. Chip shortage problem. Will run 50A wiring, probably use Ford charger and see if it is acceptable, or use my phone charger 😑

Premium, Infinite Blue Metallic, Black Onyx interior, RWD, ER Battery, no front license bracket.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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