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Net.... the MX has issues, they love their MY. They're getting a MS. I don't think they're foolish, one cannot underestimate that visceral preference. After all, aren't many of us choosing the MME over the MY because of the styling?

Frank Lloyd Wright built beautiful homes and buildings but they weren't all that great to live in. But their owners loved them still. The Johnson's commissioned their home and their headquarters.

In 1939 in Racine, Wisconsin, Herbert "Hib" Johnson threw a housewarming party at Wingspread, his new 14,000-square-foot residence designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. As dinner was being served in the great hall — a quintessential Wnght creation with sweeping curves and a soaring skylight-ringed ceiling suspended from the central chimney like a circus tent — a thunderstorm erupted, and water began dripping steadily into the room. Johnson, CEO of the S.C. Johnson Wax Company, phoned Wnght in a rage. "I'm sitting here with some friends and distinguished guests," he fumed, "and the roof is leaking right on top of my head!"
"Well Hib " Wright replied, "why don't you move your chair?" Armed with plent of putty, Wingspread's maintenance crew worked for more than half a century, plugging and replugging leaks at the mansion.
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