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An Electric Mustang is expected to arrive by 2021, as reported by many news outlets. Recently some more insight on it and other Ford EV's has been provided in an interview. The main takeaway from it comes from this quote: “Heiser explained that the Mach-E's platform is the Blue Oval's new EV architecture, which will underpin several Ford EVs in the future – not all will be named the Mustang. The new EV platform is highly-flexibleContinue on to read the full interview.

I can't wait to see what else Ford (and even Lincoln) has planned for this platform!

Full Interview
A Ford Mustang EV is all but a fait accompli, according to the chief engineer of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ron Heiser.

We know the next-gen Ford Mustang is coming in 2021, based on the same platform architecture as the next Explorer SUV, and the Blue Oval’s new pony car is tipped to become available with hybrid power for the first time.

But to deliver full-biscuit battery-electric technology, the Mustang is likely to require a different platform and, as Heiser explains, Ford now has one that fits the bill.

Coincidentally, it’s already being employed by a Mustang – the all-new Mach-E SUV.

Ford’s highly-scalable EV platform can be shortened or lengthened, can run both rear- and all-wheel configurations and can house a range of different battery types.

“This is a new platform, it’s our new EV architecture,” stated Heiser.

So will it underpin an electric Ford Mustang coupe, like the mad Mustang Lithium shown at SEMA this month?

“I can’t speak to that [Mustang Lithium vehicle]. But I think if you look out in the future – who knows what timeframe that is – the market is eventually going to roll over to EVs,” he said, suggesting it’s only a matter of time before a Mustang EV hits Ford showrooms.

Heiser said the new EV platform will underpin several new Ford EVs in the future, but they won’t all wear Mustang badges like the Mach E.

“It doesn’t need to have a Mustang name on it, but we chose the first vehicle on this platform to be a Mustang,” said Heiser.

It’s not clear how much power a battery-powered ‘Stang would deliver, but if the Ford Mustang Lithium is any indication, it’ll have more muscle than an early 90s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Ford Mustang Lithium concept pumps out an insane 900hp (671kW) and 1356Nm of torque – enough mumbo to ensure the prototype flays its rear tyres with ease.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E will be available with two EV powertrains – 75kWh single-motor rear-wheel drive and 98kWh dual-motor AWD – delivering plenty of performance, a cruising range between 480km and 600km and perhaps even a line-locker burnout mode.

Not to be confused with Volkswagen’s dedicated MEB EV platform, which will spawn at least two Ford models for Europe, Ford’s own new EV platform is a Swiss Army knife of sorts.

But it doesn’t have a name, at least not one for public consumption, because platform titles are not relevant to consumers, said Heiser.

“We don’t give them names any more,” he laughed.


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