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One of these day’s we will get the email or phone call from our Ford Dealer and then we will realize decision time has arrived. Suddenly all the hype, forum discussions, internet articles, and more fade into the background. We have to make a decision on the Mach-E of choice.

Here are some items to consider. I hope it helps you when you need to make the buying decision.
  • Are you happy with the dealer assigned to you? If not, can you select a different dealer?
  • Final model choice - resale value may be affected (will First Edition be more popular in resale market?)
  • Final options choices/has Ford added some additional options that need to be considered?
  • Final color choices (paint and interior)
  • Floor mats, trunk liner (Ford or aftermarket)
  • Ford lease versus buy decision
  • How will you charge your Mach-E? (110V; 240 V) Is an electrician needed; Do you have access to 240V in your garage or at your residence? Estimated cost?
  • Any dealer down payment required (refundable?)
  • Use of Federal Income Tax Credit (you may need to consult a tax advisor)
  • Cost of vehicle insurance (call your agent)
  • Cost of vehicle - dealer add-ons, mark-ups, any discount to repeat customer, any friends and neighbors discount, are you good enough at this to not get $ hurt?
  • Purchase just before year-end and the impact on your personal property taxes? (not an issue in all states)
  • NHTSA Safety Ratings - what do you do if it does not receive all 5 star ratings? What if the ratings are still pending? What rating is acceptable to you?
  • Vehicle arrival delay - anything is possible so stay flexible with vehicle being replaced?
  • Vehicle arrival and inspection - Are the interior and exterior colors okay? What is your impression of the vehicle? (may be first time you saw a Mach-E in person)
  • Test drive (may be first time) - Do you like ride and eye height? Is outward visibility okay? Was test drive enough and acceptable?
  • If purchase is a no go for whatever reason, will your down payment be refunded promptly?

The above list is not all inclusive but I hope this article and forum readers’ additional comments added to it will help you a lot. Good luck!
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