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Get all your Mach-E questions answered here:

1. Can I handle the purchase of my Mustang Mach-E online?

In late 2020, you will be able to order your new vehicle online but you must discuss final transaction pricing, any necessary financing, and complete your purchase of the Vehicle at your preferred EV Certified Ford Dealer. You may also go in person to a certified EV dealer to order and purchase your vehicle. On November 17, 2019, when the Reservation site opens, you will be able to configure a vehicle, make a reservation deposit and select the certified EV dealer of your choice.¹ You may also configure your vehicle, and pay a Reservation Deposit in person at a certified EV dealer.¹

2. Can I buy a Mustang Mach-E at any Ford dealer?

You can only purchase a Mustang Mach-E from an EV Certified Ford Dealer.

3. What is the warranty on the Mustang Mach-E?
Our New Vehicle Limited Warranty will help give you peace of mind with the following:

  • Electric Unique Component coverage: 8 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) retaining a minimum of 70% of its original capacity over that period²
  • Powertrain coverage: 5 years / 60,000 miles (non high-voltage components)²
  • Bumper to Bumper coverage: 3 years / 36,000 miles²
  • Safety Restraint System coverage: 5 years / 60,000 miles²
  • Corrosion coverage (Perforation only): 5 years / unlimited miles²
  • Electric Vehicle Roadside Assistance Program: 5 years / 60,000 miles²
4. What can I do to help maximize my range?

a) Use Departure Times to begin cabin conditioning (heat or cool) while your vehicle is plugged in.³ This helps ensure that your vehicle is ready for the upcoming drive and you do not use the battery to heat or cool the cabin at the beginning of your trip. You can set departure times in the vehicle or using the FordPass app(TM).⁴ ⁵

b) Use your vehicle’s heated accessories rather than cranking up the heat in the cabin. Heated accessories (steering wheel, seats, etc.) use less energy than heating the entire cabin.

c) Practice eco-driving. Using eco-driving techniques can help maximize your range⁶ all year round. Some eco-driving tips include watching your speed and minimizing hard starts. You can also visit for more EV eco-driving tips.

d) Brush the snow off your car before driving. Snow or ice on your vehicle adds extra weight that your battery and electric motor have to move and increases aerodynamic drag by changing your vehicle’s profile. (It is also safer to drive without all that snow on your car.)

5. Can the batteries be recycled?

The batteries are recyclable. Ford will suggest recycling options for out-of-warranty batteries.

6. What type of battery does the Mustang Mach-E have?

The Mustang Mach-E comes equipped with a state-of-the-art 75.7 kWh or 98.8 kWh battery located under the vehicle. The battery is comprised of lithium ion battery cells with nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) cathode. The high-voltage battery system uses an advanced active liquid heating and cooling system to regulate high-voltage battery temperature and help maximize the performance of the high-voltage battery.
Note: The high-voltage battery does not require regular service maintenance.

7. What happens if I run out of charge on the road?

Ford EV Roadside Assistance⁷ has you covered in the US for 5 years/60,000 miles (whichever comes first). You can choose where you would like to have your vehicle towed and recharged within 35 miles of your vehicle location: your home, a public charge station or a Ford dealership. If beyond 35 miles, Ford will take you to the nearest option. Some public chargers may require payment for use.

8. How can I charge my Mustang Mach-E at home?

Most charging is done at home. Your vehicle is equipped with a Ford Mobile Charger that is estimated to add an average range of 22 miles per charging hour through a 240V outlet.⁶ The same Ford Mobile Charger is estimated to add an average range of three miles per charging hour on a 120V outlet and you can plug in just about anywhere.⁶ For a faster home charge rate,⁷ Ford recommends the available Ford Connected Charge Station that is wifi-enabled adding an estimated average range of 32 miles per charging hour through a 240V outlet for a full charge overnight.⁶ You will be able to finance the Connected Charge Station at time of vehicle purchase. In the US, Ford offers a program with Amazon that makes home installation of a 240V outlet easy and convenient.

9. Where can I charge my car when I’m not at home?

Ford will be providing owners two years of complimentary access to the FordPassTM Charging Network⁹, the largest public charging network in North America with over 12,000 chargers and 35,000 plug¹⁰, all accessible with the FordPassTM app and a single subscription.¹¹ This will include access to the Electrify America high-speed charging network. You also may have charging available at your place of work.

10. Will I be able to test drive the vehicle before I purchase?

Yes, Ford dealers who are EV Certified to sell the Mustang Mach-E will have at least one vehicle dedicated to test drive as soon as they are available (late 2020).

11. Will I need to download the FordPass™ App when I purchase Mustang Mach-E?

Yes. The FordPass™ app is an essential tool for every owner of the Mustang Mach-E.⁴ FordPass(TM) will allow owners to monitor the vehicle’s charge status, locate and pay for charging, precondition the vehicle, use Phone as a Key, monitor EV Roadside Assistance and much more.⁵

12. When will Ford release more information and specifications about Mustang Mach-E?

Ford will release periodic updates. Please click to be kept informed of the latest news.

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13. How much is the Mustang Mach-E priced to start from?

Mustang Mach-E MSRP (USA):
  • Select ($43,895)
  • Premium ($50,600)
  • California Route 1 ($52,600)
  • First Edition ($59,900)
  • GT ($60,500)

14. What Is city/highway/combined mileage like?

Mustang Mach-E Range:
  • Select: 230 mile range
  • Premium: 300 mile range
  • California Route 1: 300 mile range
  • First Edition: 270 mile range
  • GT: 235 mile range

15. Is the Mach-E quick off the line?

Mustang Mach-E 0-60 Times:
  • Select: 5.5 0-60, 230 mile range, AWD or RWD, 18 Inch Wheels
  • Premium: 5.5 0-60, 300 mile range, AWD or RWD, 19 Inch Wheels
  • California Route 1: 6.5 0-60, 300 mile range, AWD, 18 Inch Wheels
  • First Edition: 5.5 0-60, 270 mile range, AWD, 19 Inch Wheels
  • GT: 3.5 0-60, 235 mile range, AWD, 20 Inch Wheels

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Some more FAQs from Ford Europe:

How do I charge an electric car?

There are multiple ways of charging your electric vehicle at home and on the go.
Home charging
  • A Ford Connected Wallbox will be the most convenient and is likely to be the fastest way to charge your Mustang Mach-E at home. (Available at additional cost and installation cost). It will be able to add around 27 miles of range every hour. With the FordPass app*, you will even be able to control the Connected Wallbox and manage access.
  • If you have an industrial socket outlet installed, you can charge faster than with a normal socket. You can use the Ford Varipower Home Charge Cable (provided with your vehicle), with its industrial socket connector. Charging this way can also add up to 27 miles every hour.
  • Finally, you can simply plug into a common domestic socket, using the Ford Varipower Home Charge Cable and its domestic socket connector. This can add around 9 miles of range per hour. Please ensure your sockets are checked by a qualified electrician to ensure safe operation.
Public charging
Ford plans to offer access to public charging stations across Europe. Chargers can be unlocked using the Ford charge card (RFID card), the FordPass app or Plug and Charge. You’re likely to come across several different types of pubic charger for your electric vehicle:

Public AC Charger. (11-22kW). For some of these, you’ll need to have your public charge cord, which comes as standard with the Mustang Mach-E and you’ll get around 30 miles of range per hour.

50 kW DC Charger. These chargers are already commonly available in many countries. A charge cord will always be attached to the station, so you won’t need to use your own. They can deliver around 185 miles of range every hour.

150 kW DC Charger. These deliver the fastest charging, adding around 350 miles of range per hour, without the need for your public charge cord. The number of high-power chargers is continuously growing, and Ford are a partner in the IONITY network, spreading high-power chargers across European highways.

All values are based on typical conditions. Actual charging rates may vary.

How can I charge an electric car at home?
Electric vehicle owners typically do 90% of their charging at home. (Source) And it’s likely to be the cheapest option, unless your employer offers free charging at work.

With a Ford Connected Wallbox installed at home, you can plug your electric car in overnight, just like your phone and could get yourself close to a full charge in the morning. With our specialist partners, we can assist you with the installation (at additional cost). More details on the Ford Connected Wallbox will be coming in spring 2020.

You can also charge slower using your standard equipment Ford Varipower Home Charge Cable in a normal household socket, or in a higher power industrial socket.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

There are various ways to charge an electric car quickly:

Public AC Charger: (11-22kW). For some of these, you’ll need to have your public charge cord, which comes as standard with the Mustang Mach-E and you’ll get around 30 miles of range per hour.

50 kW DC Charger: These chargers are already commonly available in many countries. A charge cord will always be attached to the station, so you won’t need to use your own. They can deliver around 185 miles of range every hour.

150 kW DC Charger: These deliver the fastest charging, adding around 350 miles of range per hour, without the need for your public charge cord. The number of high-power chargers is continuously growing, and Ford are a partner in the IONITY network, spreading high-power chargers across European highways.

All values are based on typical conditions. Actual charging rates and ranges achieved may vary.

What charger is right for me?

The right charging equipment for your home depends on the type of house or apartment you live in and your driving patterns.

See ‘How do I charge an electric car’ for more details.

How do I find a charger?

You will simply be able to use the FordPass app or your vehicle navigation system. Both will show you the exact locations, availability and cost of different charging stations.

If you are on a journey, both the app and navigation will find chargers along your route and update your ETA to include charge times.

You can even pre-plan a journey from the comfort of your home and then send it to your Mustang Mach-E, so you’re ready to go when you leave.

How do I pay for charging?

With a FordPass charging subscription you pay for your charging using the 'pay as you go' method. Each time you charge, you’ll receive a notification shortly after, with the details of your charge and the cost that will be billed to you.

What is the range of an electric car?

Electric car ranges vary a lot, from city cars with smaller batteries to SUV’s with much larger batteries. The Mustang Mach-E has a targeted range of 280 miles with the standard battery, or up 370 miles with the extended range battery.††

Think about your longest regular journey and how far you actually drive on a daily basis. Then also consider that if you’re able to charge at home you can ‘fill up’ every night just by plugging in. It soon becomes clear that with these ranges, most regular trips can be made by charging at home. And when you do have a long distance trip, public charging, and IONITY high power charging through FordPass, can easily be planned as part of your trip.

How do I get better range in winter?

Batteries have an optimal operating temperature, and they heat and cool themselves to achieve it. They have to power everything that you switch on, so everything you do to reduce the power needed will improve your range. There are many ways you can help to maximise the range of your electric car during cold weather:
  • Pre-heat your car while it’s charging, before you leave.
  • Remove any snow so it’s not heavier than necessary.
  • Use the heated seats and steering wheel rather than heat up the entire cabin.
  • Drive economically – a steady speed that isn’t high, with gentle acceleration and braking etc.
  • Maximise the power recovered through regenerative braking by braking gradually when possible.
  • Connect your electric car to an external power source whenever it’s parked, to keep the system warm from an external source and to re-charge.

How much does servicing cost for an electric vehicle?

Over 5 years (or 60,000 miles), Mustang Mach-E could help you save up to 50% on scheduled servicing, compared to a combustion engine vehicle.

This is because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, so maintenance costs should be lower. Plus, the Mustang Mach-E comes with an 8-year battery warranty too.

Do I need to pay road tax for an electric car?

Some electrified cars are exempt from road tax, while others benefit from a discount compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. Right now in the UK, fully-electric cars aren’t subject to any road tax, although a charge does apply to cars costing over £40,000. Find out more at: Vehicle tax rates

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle? And what’s the difference in cost between electricity & conventional fuel?

Typically, charging an electric vehicle costs £627 a year. Compared to £1,971 a year for petrol.**.

Why are Ford making electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are not only a necessary next step towards making the future of driving CO2 neutral, they also have their own new, exciting characteristics.

Our plan for electrification is simple. We’re taking the things people already love about Ford: capability, performance and technology, and transforming them through the unique qualities of electric vehicles.

How long do electric car batteries last?

Our Ford Electric vehicles are built to the same high quality standards as our conventional vehicles. That’s why we give an 8-year/100,000 miles warranty on our batteries.

What affects an electric car’s range?

Just like in petrol or diesel-fuelled cars, the range of electric vehicles can be affected by a few factors. Here are some main things to consider:
  • High speeds and heavy acceleration use more power and reduce range, so you’ll get more miles out of your potential range by travelling at a steady speed and accelerating gradually.
  • Extreme hot or cold weather conditions affect batteries and can reduce range. Heating or cooling the inside of your vehicle will also draw extra energy from your battery. We’d recommend adjusting the inside temperature of your vehicle while you’re still plugged into the charger.
  • Regenerative braking can capture and reuse more than 90% of the energy normally lost during the braking process, recharging the high-voltage battery and maximising your range. Try to predict traffic situations ahead to optimise your braking for maximum energy recuperation.
Do electric cars produce tailpipe emissions whilst driving?

No, fully electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions while driving. And if you charge your electric vehicle using renewable/green energy, you can reduce your CO2 impact even further.

Which charge cables do I get and where can I use them?

When you buy a Mustang Mach-E you will get these cables as standard:
  • A Ford Public Charge Cable (Mode 3) to use with public AC chargers,
  • A Ford Varipower Home Charging Cable to charge at domestic and industrial socket outlets in your country, with the necessary ‘pigtail’ connectors to plug in to the different sockets.
You may also need additional 'pigtail' adaptors to charge in other countries.
You will need to use the charging equipment supplied in line with the instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

Where can I find the technical specifications for Mustang Mach-E?

Head here for Mustang Mach-E specs

Do available government incentives apply to the Mustang Mach-E?

Yes, available incentives do apply to the Mustang Mach-E. Click here to see further details about available government incentives.

What accessories can I get for my Mustang Mach-E?

We’ll be announcing more details on the available accessories next year, including the following:
  • Ford Connected Wallbox
  • Detachable Tow Bar and Tow Bar Mounted Bike & Ski Carriers
  • Charging Accessories
These will be available at additional cost plus installation costs where applicable.

When can I add accessories to my order?

You’ll be able to add accessories to your order in early Summer 2020.

Why are there no pricing options showing for GT?

Plans for GT will be announced in due course.
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