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Business Insider review by Matthew DeBord Dec 15, 2020

“...The Mach-E aims for a huskier, more visceral impression, and in my hands, it was ultimately more fun to drive than the objectively stupendous Porsche Taycan...”

“...Ford has taken the Mustang legacy and melded it with high-tech propulsion and the wildly popular crossover form to create something memorable. If you were to A-B the Mach-E alongside the Tesla Model Y, you might spend very little time debating which superficially similar vehicle more thoroughly fires the imagination...”

“...For me, the Mach-E introduced a new concept: Think not about how the vehicle might compete with the market leader, but how it might define its own identity.
That's important because if 98% of future yearly EV sales are yet to happen, the next wave of cars is going to have to stand out. The Mach-E does that in more ways than one. I couldn't get enough of it.

Full article and pictures here:

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