Hi everyone,

So, I have had my Mach E for about a week now and no surprises I am incredibly happy with the purchase. Even though there are some pain points which I will discuss here, I want to make this article about the complete journey so far. Most of you here already know more about the pony than the dealership you will be picking the vehicle up from. We have also seen all the reviews possible on the technical, performance and any other actual review category so this will be purely from my perspective as regular driver and I will cover each point the order in which I first experienced it. I hope you find this helpful.
Quick side note, this is my first Mustang and my first EV and by looking at most of the posts here almost everyone here has a lot of experience with one or both. Ok enough intro, let’s go:
  • Get used to being the center of attention no matter which parking lot you are in. Trust me I have never known what this feels like until now. Nowadays when even super cars are somewhat common place, the Mach E is something surreal to someone who does not know that the mustang comes in this flavor. I am guessing this will be the case for you as well until maybe the cyber truck comes out (hope it comes with an actual steering wheel and gear shifter so people can actually drive the vehicle instead of making the vehicle read your mind like with the new model S but I digress). I don’t use Instagram (that’s how boomer I am) but I decided to create one just for taking pictures of this car. You will notice I am sub-par at photography but that is not stopping me from capturing this car haha.
  • The Driver assist features are amazing. I have never driven a car before that reads speed limit signs on the road and adjusts cruise control accordingly (how cool is that?). Every feature that I have experienced so far has been phenomenal like the lane keep assist and so on. Here is hoping some of the autonomous driving features are released in the summer making this car even better. Even the miscellaneous features like moving the seat back automatically at vehicle unlock let my big boi body inside easily makes me feel like those anime mech pilots.
  • The range it showed me at 100% at the dealership was 230 (my heart sank. Did they give me a Standard range instead? even then thats low). But over the course of few days 100% is estimated at 247mile. I hope this keeps increasing based on my driving and the weather as well. I am trying to always keep the charge between 20% and 90% for the first few weeks at least. I am also not planning to use fast charging for a while (I don’t even know if that makes a difference but still). And so, I may not be able to test the exact range.
  • If you are using an android phone you may already know that the Paak feature currently does not work which sucks but it looks like Ford is on top of this. I tried restarting, reinstalling, signing out and more but we had no choice but to log in a ticket with Ford. Shoutout to Joe from Sam Pack’s 5 Star Ford Carrollton for staying on top of this for me. Other vehicle features like lock/unlock, start/stop charging details seem to be working as expected
  • If you purchased the interior protection package (240$ worth floor/cargo mats) they are super sturdy and look great. Unfortunately, it has thin rubber spikes underneath all over and this design extends over the handle preventing you from opening the bottom compartment where we store the mobile charger and my hand still hurts from trying to retrieve the charger yesterday (why Ford, why no cutout?).
  • The vehicle unlock screen(s) animation looks sick and some of us here were wondering how long it lasts and if it will ever go away. It is on infinite loop and doesn’t go away until you start the vehicle no matter how long you take between unlocking the car to starting it.
  • The AC makes a small humming noise (not that it is a problem). I just want to make sure it is as expected and not a sign of something wrong. Speaking of hums the battery makes one too when you charge it. Can yall let me know if this is the case for all BEVs (again just making sure that is normal)
  • There is no child lock in the car. Don’t freak out. What I mean is you can’t physically lock one rear door alone. You can prevent both rear doors from unlocking (through a button on near side mirror adjustment buttons but I only need it for one door. I need my wife to be able to unlock her side without me having to unlock first or switch off the car or unselect that lock rear door option. I really hope I am wrong here and someone can tell me how dumb I was to think there is no single door child lock.
  • The foot activated tail gate is not very responsive (although I have only tried it a few times and gave up quickly after 1 or 2 failed passes). I am not sure if it is blocked because of dirt/mud that accumulates as you drive
  • With respect to Easter Eggs, I haven’t had the time to look under the hood or search for stuff like what Machstang was asking about in another post. I see a few members in the MME FB group have picked their vehicles up so its only a matter of time we will start discovering all the ‘secrets’ and also this vehicle’s potential together.
I want to stop it at 10 points for now and maybe I will write another article after couple more days after I have learned even more about my Mach E.
Thank you very much for taking the time to go through this article and please let me know incase you have any questions or comments for me specific to any points I mentioned here or even in general. I also respect the diamond hands everyone here has with respect to their orders even though communication has not been stellar from Ford side. I hope posts from people like me will keep you updated thought out this long waiting period.

And now for some pics:

My driveway:

Another Mach E out in the wild:

After several attempts, a clear shot of the pony in the lights:

A quick nod to my original workhorse for the past 6 years

Thank you once again and cheers.

- A proud Mach E owner