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New, bad sounding gear / transmission noise in a 2021 AWD Mach E

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28,000 miles, 2021 AWD, new gear sounds from front.

New sound coming from (I think) the front of the vehicle at a rate that's directly linked to the wheel speed but at a higher ratio, and it sounds exactly like a problem with gear meshing. It's not the stupid pedestrian speaker. It's a new sound and I know from previous careers what bad gearsets sound like. It's not awful yet, and it is getting subtly worse by the day.

Problem: If I take it to the dealership they're going to take my money and tell me nothing is wrong.
Solution A: Wait until it gets tremendously loud, then take it to the dealership and get a warranty claim.
Solution B: Wait until it fails catastrophically, then call AAA and make a warranty claim.

My fear is it's the "gear box" because of how perfectly and tightly "at ratio" the sound is to the wheels.

My preference would be for somebody who knows what they were listening for to drive it and order the part, and I could bring it back when it arrived.

Anybody have any thoughts on this? @Ford Motor Company maybe? Do you guys put magnets in the sumps? (LOL or just use the PMs in the motors to collect shavings?)

Also I wish there was a fuse for the pedestrian speaker so I could shut it up to better record the sound and video it to figure out the ratio, to better arm myself against the goons at the service department.

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Maybe for piece of mind you get the fluid changed out in the front? Seems crazy because it is supposed to be at 150k miles, but it doesn't seem like a super expensive service. And definitely will be DIY for some.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts