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It looks like the Fusion is getting a bit bigger like the Mustang.

We now have more proof that the Ford Fusion will soon be recast as a Subaru Outback–style lifted wagon, as was first reported in 2018. The evidence comes both from the spy photos of a prototype test mule you see here and from an Autocar report containing more information about the next-generation Ford Mondeo (the Fusion's Europe-market twin).

If you're a bit confused by the looks of this test mule, that's because it's using a modified body taken from the new Europe-market Ford Focus wagon. This Frankenstein-like creation, which is clearly stretched between the C- and D-pillars, does give us an idea of the size of this new model; its overall proportions and the large tires suggest that it will be a mid-sized crossover wagon larger than the compact Escape and possibly around the same size as the mid-size Edge.
Source: Car and Driver (Next Ford Fusion Takes Shape as a Subaru Outback–Style Lifted Wagon)


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