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Nissan unveiled the Ariya this morning in Japan as their first electric SUV. It will have a starting price of $40,000.

Here are the Ariya's specs from Nissan's website.

Nissan Ariya Key Specifications
Passenger configuration
2-row, 5-passenger​
Drive configuration
Front-wheel drive or e-4ORCE all-wheel drive​
Newly developed Alliance CMF-EV​
Single (FWD) / dual (e-4ORCE AWD) electric motor, Externally Excited Synchronous Motor (EESM)​
Battery capacity
63 kWh / 87 kWh usable (total 65 kWh / 90 kWh)​
Thermal management
Active battery management system​
Estimated range
Up to approximately 300 miles (preliminary Nissan estimate)​
Level 2 charging
Up to 7.2 kW​
DC charging type
CCS standard up to 130 kW​
160 kW – 290 kW​
221 lb-ft – 443 lb-ft​
109.3 in.​
Overall length
182.9 in.​
Overall width
74.8 in.​
Overall height
65.4 in. – 65.7 (depending on roof rack)​
Cargo volume
16.5 cu ft (FWD)
14.6 (e-4ORCE)​
Wheel size
19-inch or 20-inch​
Tire size
235/55R19 or 255/45R20​
Available interior features
Lounge-like space created by flat, open floor and slim-profile Zero Gravity seats; large, minimalist instrument panel with integrated capacitive haptic switches; innovative center storage box with fold-out tray, adjustable center console​
Available Advanced Driver Assist (ADAS) Technology
ProPILOT Assist 2.0 featuring hands-off highway operation with Driver Monitoring System​
Available safety technology
Nissan Safety Shield® 360 with Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist and Rear Automatic Braking​
Model configurations
Ariya standard and long range (FWD)
Ariya standard range e-4ORCE and long range e-4ORCE (AWD)​

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I've never been a big fan of Front Wheel drive however nice styling and preliminary specs. The EV trickle is turning into a stream and will shortly become a Tsunami
I'm really interested to see this e-4ORCE all-whee drive system in the Ariya. Nissan put it in a Leaf and it looks very promising.


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Will be interesting to what level (if any) it reduces range
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