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Opening frunk

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I think it’s very clunky to have to use the manual release lever inside my 2022 MME to release the frunk. I recall finding some way to release the frunk using the large display screen. Yesterday I tried to find it again and after searching for 15 minutes gave up. I’m guessing that the latest “update” has either hidden this very well or eliminated it. Does anyone know of a way to unlatch it using the display screen or the phone app?

Also a tip—I find it convenient when I go to the grocery store to leave the frunk hood in the down position but not latched after I’ve opened it. Then when I return with my groceries I don’t have to fuss with opening it again and can just lift it up. I keep the car locked and only have grocery bags in the frunk.
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The dealership made the necessary update and now I have the Frunk open button on my touch screen and it works! Still not showing in the app though.
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