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2021 Tesla MY, 2017 Volt, Mach e Premium on order
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Yes, I am trying to be patient while I wait. But if I brought the MME home now, it wouldn鈥檛 fit in garage bc 1/2 needs to be reorganized & I鈥檓 donating a SS Refrigerator in there. Their coming Tues. I鈥檓 picking up MME Wednesday. My other E.V. is taking up the other 1/2 of garage. They will have to cohabitate & get along while sharing (1) wall charging unit. Lol
I also live in S.CA & it gets brutal, heat wise so I plan to tint if it鈥檚 not sufficient. That will be done asap.
No I didn鈥檛 mean a WRAP to change anything, I meant to protect the paint & color. I understand there are some that do that & keep it shiny &dust doesn鈥檛 stick to it, etc. also to avoid scratches & scuffs. Do you charge on Level 2 at home? Can I ask what financing options they offered you? However I do wonder if rates have changed recently with the volatility of the market. I do hope they honor the 2.4% they had back when I did my order.
I鈥檓 glad you love it. What color, pictures? 馃槉
Hi Juliana,
There are aftermarket shades for the MME's roof that can significantly cut the heat. We have one for our MY that I put in when traveling to warmer climes. (The central coast near the water is pretty temperate.)
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