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I’m currently working on a prototype for a tool to assist people with significant purchases. While working on the concept I experimented with integrating EVs in the tool and would be curious to get some constructive feedback. Performance is something to be improved for sure but would like to get a feel for things at this stage as to what should be improved.

Another important point is the idea of weighing for the requirements so you can express if AWD is more important than range in the results for example.

Here’s a link to something I call research shortcut that has a list of pre-established requirements for a purchase. The requirements can always be adjusted as needed if you need to adjust values (i.e. range) or if you have other requirements you want to add.

Long Range Winter Vehicles

There are also other research shortcuts on the site home page here if you want to check those out too.

The list of EV loaded is a subset only for the Canadian market but should give a good idea. All Mach-Es should be there though! 😁

If you want to see a vehicle or particular specs, let me know!
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