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Thank you for reaching out @machstang!

When possible, we recommend moving to a dedicated winter tire and wheel combination as they are cost effective and time saving. 18-inch is solid choice for all Mach-E trim levels and there is a large selection of winter tire options available in 225/60R-18.

Which tire model is best for you will depend on the road conditions you typically see during the winter months.

Generally speaking, studless ice and snow options are preferred for deeper snow/slush conditions where maximum traction is needed, though some handling is sacrificed when the roads are clear. Studdable winter tire options offer similar handling when compared to studless ice and snow options and are designed for good traction in moderate snow and ice conditions. Studdable winter tire options also accept studs for areas that require additional ice traction. Performance winter tires may be a consideration for areas where the roads are primarily clear or dry but still need traction for mild snow conditions. Performance winter tires offer superior handling when the roads are clear.

We'd like to assist further and hope you don't mind us sending you a private message to gather more details.
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