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So far I am not impressed with Ford's response. After some initial interactions on a private page on this forum they have gone dark. I have not gotten a response in a week. I now have the same errors happening at the same frequency that resulted in my total loss of power and my car stranding me. I have left my car parked since I don't trust it anymore.

Ford texted me 4 days ago and said they would communicate through text and I have pinged them several times through text and have had ZERO replies.

I have been buying Fords exclusively for over 20 years. They are destroying their credibility with loyal customers and setting themselves up for a huge liability if they done get their act together on this.
Twitter is another option. Ford tends to reach out pretty quickly to qwell the bad publicity. Also, I know there are quite a few members on this site that can check your vin for what was done and help get you in the right direction. Look for some of the other HV threads for the contacts.
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