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Road Trip

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We recently travelled to Ontario from Alberta and back, a round trip of 6,014 km, in our Mustang Mach E Premium 4x. I wasn't sure Canada's charging infrastructure was up to the challenge, but for the most part it did perform.

We enjoyed a last day of summery weather on Lake Superior on the way back. We had one day of challenging charging returning across the prairies, where all the level 3 chargers we tried were not working for one reason or another. Spent an afternoon in Virden, Manitoba, listening to the locals tell stories in the bar while topping up at a level 2 charger across the street at the old train station. The level 2 charger was free, thanks Virden!

Trip stats: 6014 km travelled; 4.8 kw/kWh averaged over the drive; Energy usage: 3% climate, 95% driving, 3% accessories. (Yes, I know that's 101%, send math complaints to Ford)

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