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Driving Route 66 in a EV

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We have been a little behind on the mention here on the forum but we will get everyone caught up tonight. We started out on Monday from the famous Chicago Palmer House Hilton Hotel and we have been heading west on Route 66. This is the first time that a Ford Mustang Mach E has gone from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier. The major reason we are doing this is the 100th Anniversary is fast approaching for 2026 but we are starting NOW to celebrate. Driving on America's Mother Road is STILL a major deal for millions around the world. The Route 66 is filled with amazing treasures , old and new stories, and most of all helps kids and old kids as adults create memories that last beyond forever.

That being said here is where are are so far today. We are in OKC tonight after being in St. Louis last night at the Union Station Hotel in Downtown and then the current stop is the Colcord Hilton Hotel in downtown OKC. We will be driving to Amarillo tomorrow and visit the famous Ranch. That will be a very cool stop. Then it gets real real interesting for us and others. You can follow us on the website and catch up with some live streams during the day only and then follow up online on the YouTube Channel. You can find all our social sites from the website at The other items are also found online to links in some cases. Come join us and subscribe to the YouTube Channel so we can show you live streams at the charging stops. That is now coming up and exciting for everyone. Leave a comment here and let us know some places you would love to see and visit and maybe we can do a courtesy stop and you be virtually there. Thank you again and we look to see you cruzin too! View attachment 7724
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What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing!
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