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I ordered my Mach-e day after reservations were accepted. Cancelled my Model Y reservation based on photos of interior comparisons and chats / blogs about Tesla fit'n'finish and minor fender bender repairs and the times req'd. (One Model S owner waited 12 weeks?)
There will be a lot written on the Ford dealer support. I ordered from a dealer 30 miles away because local Ford dealership also has a Nissan dealership next door. It currently has one charger blocked at ALL TIMES by numerous used Leafs. I wouldn't buy from that dealership!
I choose a Ford dealer with four chargers and and a stated intent to secure more in an area reserved for Electric Vehicles. That dealer is aware if ICE owners resentment of early adopters of EVs and said they will encourage EVs.
(I was a happy Ford/Mercury/Lincoln owner for a straight 24 years before buying Nissan, Infinti, Lexus since then. I'll give Ford a chance to impress me again.)
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